Monday, October 8, 2012

Earthly Fathers are a Glimpse of Heavenly Father

God created man to take care of the earth, to tend to the plants and name the animals. He thought that man could rule over this world and make it even more amazing as it was filled with more, as everything was to be fruitful and multiply. God did not want man to be alone, so He created a woman for the man. ONE woman, for ONE man... He wanted her to be by his side, to be his helper, to rule with him, not for Him to rule over her, that is why she was taken from his side, not his head to be head over her, nor his foot for him to walk over, but to be partners, to live together, grow together and to love together.

God wanted man and woman to create children, to give this world other men and women to marry, to have families and to fill the earth with his creation, His children. He had every intention on this being a partnership forever, down the line, to work together and to honor and cherish one another. After the temptation and fall of Adam and Eve, God put Adam over Eve as the head of the household, to have one to be the "responsible party" in the family. One that would have to answer for the actions of the family, one to be able to teach right from wrong, one to show love, compassion, and to teach what the Lord would have for each of the members of the family to do with their lives. The wife was put under the husband, in subjection to his authority, because God wanted just one to answer for the family, and since Adam let the fall happen by partaking of the fruit himself, God chose Adam to be that head over all.

He needed the man to take the control of his family, to be the responsible one for the spiritual guidance and leadership of the home. He intended for Adam and for all males to be that head person, to show unconditional love to one another, just as God had shown to Adam and Eve. Yes, He did punish them for their disobedience by removing them from the garden, making them have to work for their own food from now on, but He made them clothes by spilling the blood of an innocent lamb, making their clothes from its skin, and making sure they had provisions until they were established for themselves. He held them accountable, but He still showed them His unconditional love by giving them life, forgiving them and clothing them. He showed them that even though their fellowship with Him would not be in the cool of the day walking through a beautiful garden, but that He would always be there when they called, He would always still provide and take care of them when they needed Him.

God created a heart in a man, to be full of love for his family, to show them right from wrong, to answer for their sins or wrong doings, to teach them about their God, and to show them unconditional love, so that way, when it came time for them to decide for themselves, and someone began telling them of their heavenly father, they would be able to understand that love a little better, through the unconditional, abounding love of the father God gave them.

In our world today, when a man and woman split up, divorce, or move away from one another, for the most part, the mother takes the kids, seems like the natural, logical choice, because they are so nurturing and caring of their own children, but the men seem to settle into a life of single, manhood. As if their children no longer matter. Some think, "as long as they are getting money from me, they should be fine, they know that is the love I have to give." Others just think, "she had them, they're her kids, period." Our children are growing up without their fathers, without that glimpse into their heavenly father, because their's just gave up and walked out. Not their job, I suppose.

Here is the thing, IT IS THEIR JOB, it is more than their job. How are children to understand it when we say, "God will never leave you, nor forsake you..." "Your Heavenly father loves you unconditionally, you can call on him anytime, night or day?" They can't imagine what that type of love from a "man" or "Father" would be, because they don't see it in their own fathers, so how can you compare. It is in their feeble attempts to understand the spirit world and God's love through the eyes and actions of their own earthly dad, and can't figure out what they are talking about.

Statistics show that boys without their father are more likely to join violent games than to get involved church services, because they are looking for no condemnation, belonging and family. Girls are looking for a father figure, one who will show them unconditional love, whether for ever or just right now. They begin to sexually active to anyone who will pay attention to her, usually at the very young, tender ages of between 10 and 14, instead of being an older teem member. They run the risk of high teen pregnancies because they feel, "at least I will have someone who will always love me, and won't walk away," which usually backfires on them as well, somewhere in their future with their own children.

We need our father's back. Dad, they need YOU. They need to know they can see you, hear you, feel you close to them, and they need to see or hear you, their fathers, talk about how much you love them, your hopes and dreams for them, and that no matter what is happening between mommy and daddy, that they are not pawns in your game, but your children as much as they are hers. Give them your all, just as your heavenly father gave us His, when He put His own son on the cross to die for us all, so that we had a way of escaping hell. Don't you want that for your own children?

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