About Pastors Robert and Janet Clausen

This is our wonderful family, Robert and Janet Clausen
Our children T.J., Madison, and KayCee Cox. 
Both my wife and our children were born here in Anderson, my wife is from a family who traveled and sang as a group as well as providing a puppet ministry for Vacation Bible Schools, Leadership Training, and so much more. She learned at a very early age what it meant to be in God’s service, and has spent every day of raising and training three children what that means as well. I myself was born and raised in OttawaIL. where I spent my life until as a young adult I moved to California. We both have been in church all our lives, and we both knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that God had a plan for each of us.

When we met, neither of us ever dreamed of anything more than a mutual, business relationship, but God had other plans for our lives. As God grew our friendship into love, we joined our lives and families together, to grow, to be blessed in our coming and going out. Each of us had been called by God for ministry of our own, but had not expected building a life with anyone else in these years. God had a different idea, one day as we were talking about the future, we each began to share the call and God’s will for our lives. Janet shared her desire to work with families, marriages, women who were hurting and in need for personal and lifestyle growth and change. I shared with her how God had called me to work with marriages and families that they have to be restored if we are going to restore our local churches. 

Our ministry here in our community is to minister to the local churches, church families, and broken lives that we can reach in music, through pastoral care, life coaching, life skills training and mentoring, and/or through preaching the message of God through the local churches.