Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ministering to the Heart of a Kingdom Man!

As we set out this week, I just really felt impressed upon this morning to encourage all the wives to pray for your husbands, we need to hold our husbands up in prayer and let God have His way in our husbands lives. God wants our men to step up and be the man He created them to be, He wants them to show our children what a Man of God, A Kingdom Man looks like, so they have examples for their own lives.

I know that some of you are thinking, "my husband is the leader of my home, he is a man of God... I don't have to pray him into the Kingdom," God has given so many of us a good, righteous, Holy man for Him, and that is wonderful that God has so many men already working on His behalf, Here is the thing, Satan knows it too, that is why we need to continue to Hold them Up, Bind Satan in their lives, and ask the Holy Spirit to give them encouragement, minister to their hearts from the inside, and strength as they lead our families. Everyday, each one of us need to thank God for our husbands, Speak to God the husband you see in Him. The virtuous woman LIFTS her husband up to the position she sees in him by speaking it out loud and claiming the promises and the word of God on their husbands. 
As a Kingdom Man, our husbands still need their wives to
continue in prayer for them, the battle for their minds isn't over
with the prayer at the alter for salvation, it continues on as our men
continue in Christ to lead the families as God would have them to lead.

We help our husbands become that man for God's Kingdom through our prayers, ministering to their hearts in love, peace, and encouragement. God will lift them up to their place of HONOR in the home, through your prayers and words. "If you are faithful in the small things, we will be suited for the great things God has planned for you." You just have to be faithful to this for your husband.

We, as a society of women, can work with God to bring to life, restore, and encourage our Kingdom Husbands and Fathers, but we have to do it, be faithful, and strong in their stead. Stand in the gap for your families. Satan is working hard to bring down the Kingdom men in our lives who are striving to Be what God wants and needs them to be in our world, and it is the strength and prayers of the wives that will help keep our men strong in the Lord. We have to bind Satan in his attacks, and continue to help our men in their position to LEAD OUR FAMILIES!!! 

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