Monday, July 22, 2013

This IS What We Do!

Our Family: Madi Cox, Pastor Janet and Pastor Robert Clausen, and KayCee Cox
This IS Living Sacrifice Ministries!            
Here we are, simple, Loving the Lord our God with all Our Heart, Mind, Soul, and Being. Evangelists, Singing for the Joy of the Lord, Singing Praises and for His Glory, and in 2008, He has gave us the most amazing outreach that is touching so many lives, hurting, sick, and the castdown, through our Prayer Shawl Ministry. Why do we do what we do?

Because God told us to...
He has given our family not only the great commission to "go into all the world and preach the Gospel, to every Creature." Mark 16:15. He charged our family a long time ago, about the people in our own community, but also all across the nation, that NEED to hear REAL TRUTH, HEAR the GOSPEL of Christ, and we have been told to go out, bring the lost people to Christ, bringing the wandering and hurting souls that know Christ, but feel too far removed that they will never be restored, and to RESTORE them back to the Kingdom of God. To find the families, friends, spouses, and others who feel like their lives have spun so out of control that they will never be able to have a REAL FAMILY, be able to talk to their kids and share with their spouses ever again. That it is too far gone. We are here for the Pastors, Leaders, Shepherds, Evangelists, and other Men and Women of God who have and are facing the hard place instead of Leaning on THE ROCK. We are here to help rejuvenate, restore, and rebuild, encourage, and bring back to life the heart and soul of those men and women who have been called by God to preach the Gospel, Redeem the Lost and to Shepherd the flock they have been given in the Bride of Christ.

How do we do this?
Oh well, there are many ways that God has shown us how to do these things, He has given Bob and I a heart for others and has shown us what is to come in our ministry, our community, our city, state, and in our nation. He has called us to bring the Word of God to our community in an honest, loving way, to tell the TRUTH, of God's Word, and to show others what they are missing out by having Religion, INSTEAD of a RELATIONSHIP with God. He has given us words to share and a voice to sing, prayers to pray, but what we need are EARS TO HEAR. He has told us to share with everyone who wants to know more about Him, to Grow in Him, and to Live a Life FREE, and we have spent the past 6 years, PREPARING Our HEARTS, Our MINDS, and Our Family for this full-time ministry, to help rebuild and restore families, to help others rebuild and restore their marriages, and to help others find God in a VERY REAL WAY. He has burdened our Hearts for the Pastors, Evangelists, and other Men and Women Called of God who are tired, weary, burdened but cast down, who have all but given up, and to rejuvenate, encourage, build up, and help them find rest in the Lord.

Well, you know what we do, why we do, and how we do this... NOW we need to tell you, at this time is... How you can help our ministry.
So many people ask us how they can help with our ministry, and what is our greatest needs, as this is a full-time ministry we have many needs, we would love to see our ministry growing with partners, people who will give to the ministry to help get our ministry out in media, traveling church to church, and other speaking and singing engagements, and we would love to have others to help us in our Prayer Shawl Ministry, but What we WANT OTHERS TO KNOW ABOUT US IS... We would never assume to know how God wants to use you. If you have a strong desire to help our Ministry, and we hope you do, we ask that you pray and ASK GOD HOW YOU can be used of HIM, Ask God how He would have you to help our ministry and how to be an effective tool for God's work.

We pray daily that through some help and partners that we will see bookings for our singing ministry, through others we will be called on for Various Seminars and Conferences God has placed on our hearts for Marriages, Families, Parents, Individual Ladies and Mens groups, engagements for speaking or preaching for various events for Ladies Groups and Meetings and Men's Prayer Groups, Revivals, Camps, and Many Other Events that churches and communities offer, some will want to give to us financially, which we would greatly appreciate and honor their giving, and many more will want to partner as Prayer Partners, to come together in agreement and pray with us for the many people we pray for in our outreach, pray for our family, and pray for our health and strength to continue on in this endeavor. We NEED PRAYER CONSTANTLY, for sure. We want and need your help, we appreciate any and all forms of giving and partnering with our Ministry, but we truly WANT your part in our Ministry to be Ordained and Blessed of God, How He DESIRES for you to do your part. We pray for you daily, and we ask that God will bring sincere hearts and dedicated lives to become a part of Living Sacrifice Ministries, How ever You decide to take part in it, we just ask that you take part, in SOME WAY, GREAT OR SMALL, all giving of self, is great to us, and to God.

Please contact us via Email at, to see how you can help us or for booking an event with Living Sacrifice Ministries. We are here and have several dates open for the fall of 2013 and much of 2014 and we would love to share our hearts with you and your church or group. Thank you for your time, your prayers and support, May God richly bless all who reach out, and who help the ministers of God. 

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